The importance of communicating research

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The world of academia can feel like a somewhat inaccessible one. When you enter as an undergraduate student it can take a while to wrap your head around it all. The world of research is undoubtedly important. Knowledge is fascinating, and changes how we think and act in our world. It’s important to make this knowledge interesting and accessible to all if it’s ever going to make a difference. We’re all aware of clickbait titles and wild articles that don’t… Read moreThe importance of communicating research

Surviving AND thriving in your first semester

Surviving AND thriving in your first semester

Once the hype of freshers weeks has died down, it can be difficult to adjust to what your new life is going to be like. Doing your own food shopping, budgeting, organising your time… all whilst experiencing a new city, making new friends, and trying not to get homesick. It can be tough! Here is my honest opinion about what works and what doesn’t for a few key issues I faced during the first year, and how to make the… Read moreSurviving AND thriving in your first semester

Pretending to be a tourist in Edinburgh for a week!

Pretending to be a tourist in Edinburgh for a week!

When you live in a city, it is often all too easy to turn a blind eye to the big tourist attractions, taking them for granted. So, sometimes it can be nice to take some time to appreciate what the city has to offer outside of your daily routine. Whenever my pals come to visit, I make sure to take the time to show them as much of the city as possible, and this means I have an excuse to… Read morePretending to be a tourist in Edinburgh for a week!

Student Representation: Finding your community

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Student representation is an incredibly important part of the university experience. This week voting is taking place to elect new sabbatical officers, liberation officers, society representation, and school representatives. I highly encourage you to vote if you’re an existing student – these positions do make a difference! Some of these positions are really important to certain groups within the university. I want to talk about some of the communities we have, which support all students at Edinburgh. Liberation Groups Liberation… Read moreStudent Representation: Finding your community

Revision Tips

Revision… I hate it. I’m not particularly good at it. I’m a huge procrastinator and generally a pretty lazy person. But there comes a time when I need to actually do my intellectual duties as a student. Here’s some tips to make your studying more efficient and effective. Add structure to your day. We’ve all been there. You sit down to start writing an essay, check your phone just once, and suddenly it’s four hours later and Buzzfeed is telling… Read moreRevision Tips

#BeBoldForChange – International Women’s Day

#BeBoldForChange - International Women’s Day

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” – Audre Lorde Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. As we are all aware, women have been painfully under-represented and under-supported throughout history, and in the modern era. People will try and tell you there is no patriarchy anymore. People are wrong. The theme of this year’s Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange.  In the current climate, it’s important that we do what… Read more#BeBoldForChange – International Women’s Day

Getting Involved in Student Conferences

Getting Involved in Student Conferences

Spending time with heaps of students who share the same passions as you is a total dream. As a student you get endless opportunities to do just that! I’ve been able to travel to London with Amnesty International, to Glasgow with Sexpression, and spend a day at TEDx. Each one was rewarding and exciting so I’m going to show you how worthwhile getting involved is! Amnesty International Student Conference Last semester I headed down to London on the Megabus to spend a weekend celebrating student… Read moreGetting Involved in Student Conferences