Travelling as a student


On a recent break I squeezed in a couple of trips. As a Kiwi, anywhere in the UK or Europe is exciting to me. when I got back I wanted to share some cheap travel experiences I’ve had this year. Being a student and having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Over Christmas I mostly stayed in Edinburgh as I had a little hamster to take care of at the time (Rest in Peace Yams) but I managed to… Read moreTravelling as a student

Tips From The Other Side: Word Processors

Tips From The Other Side: Word Processors

“Tips From The Other Side” is my blog series where I talk about the boring-but-necessary specifics of writing long essays – turns out, there’s a lot of stuff besides just writing to think about. I last talked about citation and some things you can do to make it less painful, and a few months ago I mentioned a few tips on making the process of writing and revision as comfortable as possible. This week I’m focusing on where you write… Read moreTips From The Other Side: Word Processors

Citation: Tips From the Other Side, Part 1

So I just finished my dissertation in Psychology – I designed a psychological experiment, tested it on volunteers, analysed and interpreted the data, and wrote 7,100 words about it. It was really hard, definitely the most difficult academic assignment I’ve ever done. If I had tried to do something like this in first year, I would have failed miserably. But I’ve had a lot of practice writing research essays for Psychology, and I don’t think it went to badly. I’m… Read moreCitation: Tips From the Other Side, Part 1