Stress, Eat Your Heart Out!

Stress, Eat Your Heart Out!

Yesterday was International Stress Awareness Day and it got me thinking about all the ways I try to manage stress. I’m no stress-busting expert and I won’t throw age-old clichéd mantras at you. No, I’d rather give you something productive to do. Everyone knows a healthy body makes for a happy mind (oops, is that a cliché?), and the key to my happiness is certainly food. As student’s our relationship with food can be tricky… No time for anything but… Read moreStress, Eat Your Heart Out!

A guide to surviving your approaching deadlines

So, your deadlines are not too far away, and the prospect of being a real university student, with real work, is starting to settle in My name is Alex and I’m in my second year of Linguistics here at the University. As I’ve managed one year of fretting over essays, projects, and the like, here are my go-to tips for surviving your approaching deadlines. 1. Try not to stress — or, use it wisely You made it to university, a… Read moreA guide to surviving your approaching deadlines

A philosopher’s guide to Edinburgh

A philosopher's guide to Edinburgh

Hello from your new undergrad Philosophy blogger! As a second year philosophy student approaching mid-term essays, I’ve been hiding in my fluffy blanket at home, surrounded by far too many papers on consciousness. But there are many other places you’ll find us philosophers lurking around the uni area.   1) Peter’s Yard The Quartermile coffee shop that is always populated by students, families, and working professionals alike. It’s known for its overpriced coffee and delicious bakery section. The natural light… Read moreA philosopher’s guide to Edinburgh

My Edinburgh story – how did I get to where I am now?

My Edinburgh story – how did I get to where I am now?

Hi! My name is Ajda, I am from a beautiful country in central Europe, Slovenia. I’m in my second year of studying Cognitive Science (MA) at University of Edinburgh and enjoying it very much. Let me tell you my story of getting here and hopefully inspire you to be brave in achieving your dreams! The idea of studying abroad came to mind at the end of primary school: in Slovenia that’s when you are about 14 years old. Starting the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme,… Read moreMy Edinburgh story – how did I get to where I am now?

Summer Internship (and bye for now)


I’ve been having an amazing time with my part-time job at the University. Unfortunately, I will be leaving this post for now, as I am taking up a new full-time internship over summer. On the bright side, my new job is with an amazing team doing really interesting stuff here at the University. Edinburgh University likes to take initiative to offer employment and work experience opportunities to its students. An initiative which I’ve already been benefitting from, and loving, in… Read moreSummer Internship (and bye for now)

5 things to do in Edinburgh now that exams are (nearly) done

5 things to do in Edinburgh now that exams are (nearly) done

In just a few days exams are over! Before you rush home for summer enjoy some of the fun things Edinburgh has to offer you to celebrate! 1) Treat yourself with Brunch Or dinner, or whatever meal you prefer, but we all know that brunch has the best food. As a brunch connoisseur (I can’t get enough of mimosas) here are some delicious brunch recommendations for you: Brunch – It’s in the name, this new place on George IV Bridge… Read more5 things to do in Edinburgh now that exams are (nearly) done

Travelling as a student


On a recent break I squeezed in a couple of trips. As a Kiwi, anywhere in the UK or Europe is exciting to me. when I got back I wanted to share some cheap travel experiences I’ve had this year. Being a student and having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Over Christmas I mostly stayed in Edinburgh as I had a little hamster to take care of at the time (Rest in Peace Yams) but I managed to… Read moreTravelling as a student

Tips From The Other Side: Word Processors

Tips From The Other Side: Word Processors

“Tips From The Other Side” is my blog series where I talk about the boring-but-necessary specifics of writing long essays – turns out, there’s a lot of stuff besides just writing to think about. I last talked about citation and some things you can do to make it less painful, and a few months ago I mentioned a few tips on making the process of writing and revision as comfortable as possible. This week I’m focusing on where you write… Read moreTips From The Other Side: Word Processors

Citation: Tips From the Other Side, Part 1

So I just finished my dissertation in Psychology – I designed a psychological experiment, tested it on volunteers, analysed and interpreted the data, and wrote 7,100 words about it. It was really hard, definitely the most difficult academic assignment I’ve ever done. If I had tried to do something like this in first year, I would have failed miserably. But I’ve had a lot of practice writing research essays for Psychology, and I don’t think it went to badly. I’m… Read moreCitation: Tips From the Other Side, Part 1

The importance of communicating research

research news

The world of academia can feel like a somewhat inaccessible one. When you enter as an undergraduate student it can take a while to wrap your head around it all. The world of research is undoubtedly important. Knowledge is fascinating, and changes how we think and act in our world. It’s important to make this knowledge interesting and accessible to all if it’s ever going to make a difference. We’re all aware of clickbait titles and wild articles that don’t… Read moreThe importance of communicating research