Our Uni: the Past and the Future

The University of Edinburgh was rated the 23rd best university in the world, 6th best in Europe, and the best in Scotland. These ranking aren’t pulled from thin air: they are based on a long-standing history of academic excellence. Here’s a quick glimpse into the past and future of our impressive uni…   Dolly the Sheep (and other research):   Dolly the Sheep was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, and thus is the most famous… Read moreOur Uni: the Past and the Future

Student Representation: Finding your community

liberation groups

Student representation is an incredibly important part of the university experience. This week voting is taking place to elect new sabbatical officers, liberation officers, society representation, and school representatives. I highly encourage you to vote if you’re an existing student – these positions do make a difference! Some of these positions are really important to certain groups within the university. I want to talk about some of the communities we have, which support all students at Edinburgh. Liberation Groups Liberation… Read moreStudent Representation: Finding your community