Taking advantage of the Festival of Creative Learning

A guide to the best events during the Festival of Creative Learning

The Festival of Creative Learning holds some of the best student experiences that the University of Edinburgh has to offer during the week of 19th – 23rd February 2018. Here are some of the events you can look forward to:

The Edinburgh apprentice

Think you could survive Lord Sugar’s high-energy and rivalrous competition? Here’s your chance! Gather a team and compete to win Edinburgh’s Apprentice, using your marketing, sales, and financial skills.

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Bilingualism and body

Theatre Sans Accents and Bilingualism Matters are hosting three one-hour active workshops called Keep Your Brain and Body Active: Bilingual Training! All you need are comfortable shoes (no previous language learning needed!) to take part in a workshop that will exercise both your body and your mind in mixed language learning, yoga, and drama games to perfect your accent.

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IoT challenge

Sponsored by Microsoft, this is your chance to work in teams for three days to build some innovative and amazing. If you’re interested in coding, tech, or the Internet of Things, this event is for you!

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Sherlock escape room

If you’re daring, deductive, or just really enjoy a good puzzle, find yourself at the King’s Buildings for an hour of marvel, mystery, and Moriarty.

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Spanish and mindfulness

Want to learn Spanish AND also be mindful and in tune? Come to Beginners Spanish and Mindfulness. As being mindful is increasingly sought after to improve daily life, this workshop will surely help you keep your cool while also having fun learning a new tongue.

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Theatre writing and directing

If theatre is more your style, there is a masterclass on theatre writing and directing led by accomplished play-write Hannah Khalil and dramaturg Chris White. Here, you’ll learn from professionals how to take a new script to the stage.

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Window into the earth

If you want to learn about our environments, come to ASCUS Labs to explore crystals and textures through microscopes..you’ll even have the chance to grow your own crystals!

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There is so much more to learn during the Festival of Creative Learning, which can all be found here.