Lazy Saturdays at the Castle Terrace Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite places in Edinburgh is the Castle Terrace Farmer’s Market. It’s a really cute little market held every Saturday from 9-2 (if that’s a bit early for you on a Saturday, there’s also a Sunday market in Stockbridge from 10-5). The farmer’s market is great if you’re looking for fresh, local produce and meat, excellent bread and pastries, interesting street food, or just somewhere lively to stroll through on a Saturday. It is a little bit pricier than a supermarket, and each vendor only accepts cash. But if you feel like treating yourself to some kale after a week of free Domino’s pizza, this is the place to do it. Right now it’s the dead of winter so there’s not much produce, but in the spring and summer it turns into a riot of fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. There’s also another market on at the same time in the Grassmarket (really close – you just walk down some steps and walk up King’s Stable Road), where I inevitably run into someone I know – and there’s almost always some sort of event being held there.

Both markets are accessible and centrally located.

The market’s a really relaxing, pleasant place to be, filled with families and locals. As a university student, I feel sometimes like I’m surrounded by students and staff, so it’s nice to remind myself that people unaffiliated with the university exist and live full, productive lives. I like to grab a coffee and a pastry or snack there and walk up to the castle or down through Princes Street Gardens, or just start from there and take a wander around Edinburgh. If you’re looking for a refreshing walk and some nice views, pop over to the market!


Castle Terrace Farmer’s Market