A day in the life of a Philosophy student

Welcome to my life!
Its week two of the semester and we’re definitely back in the swing of things, and so I thought now would be a good time to give you a little insight into what a typical day at uni is like for me… (the good, the bad and the ugly.)

8am: I’m actually in training to complete the Great Edinburgh Run (eek!) in April, so today was an early start. It wasn’t easy to get out of bed this morning, especially when it is so warm in my flat and so cold outside. I’m not the best or most enthusiastic runner ever, but it does help that I get great views along the way! Looking at Arthur’s Seat never gets old, especially when the fog is clearing around it in the morning.

9am: Home, shower, breakfast… time to make sure I’ve got everything I need for a day on campus. I thought I’d try and head to the library today and get some reading done, so its a heavy bag of books for me today.

11am: Today I only have one class, which is Aesthetics. It starts with a one hour small group lecture, and this week we were discussing theories of art in regard to the institution and the artworld. Our main focuses were on two contrasting views, one that claims art to be defined in relation to other artwork, and one that holds art to be defined by its status within an institution. Luckily I was up to date with this week’s readings, so managed to actually make some good contributions to discussion today! 

12am: The class then splits in half for an hour tutorial, during which we recap last week’s work and discuss the reading material. It is definitely helpful to be able to go over theories and readings a week later, as it is a good revision tool and I’ll need the best notes I can get as this course is 100% exam. (Very scary.) I also like discussion and debate, so this was a good hour for me.

1pm: With an hour to spare, I head to the library to try and get ahead on my reading for next week. I’ve found that especially at Honours level, with classes being small and discussion based, it is essential to at least skim the reading, otherwise you’ll end up totally lost in your seminars. My Philosophy of Language class also has a compulsory hand in of a 300 word summary of the reading each week, which counts for 40% of my grade, so that is definitely a priority right know.

1.30pm: Got a bit distracted… Kripke is quite hard to read. Decided to head out for a quick coffee break at Black Medicine and maybe I’ll try again with Kripke later. 

2pm: Today I also have my second input session for the Edinburgh Award Scheme. As a student who has a part time job and as a class representative, I am actually taking part in two awards. The award is primarily focused on your development, and acknowledging your achievements outside of your studies. It is a great scheme run by the careers department and it actually goes on your report at the end of your degree, which is always a plus. The session today is two hours long, basically recapping focus on the three skills we have chosen to work on and documenting our progress. Employers love this sort of thing, and it is a good way to build a bank of examples that you can then use on your CV later.

4pm: Reaaaaally should read some more Kripke. But I’ve only got the final episode of Hell’s Kitchen to watch and I do love a bit of Gordon Ramsey. Maybe him shouting at some chefs will motivate me to get some work done….

5pm: Okay so after that episode and the obligatory checking of social media, its back to business. I’ve only got to finish this chapter and do a write up, so it won’t take too long. Reading Philosophy is quite challenging at first, but once you learn how to dissect arguments and get through some of the long-winded ways that they word things, it isn’t all to bad.

7pm: So tonight my flatmates and I are headed to the theatre to watch the new musical ‘Wonderland.’ I’ve always been a big Alice in Wonderland fan and I love going to the theatre so I am super excited for this. Plus student tickets were really quite cheap so it would have been rude to say no really!

11pm: The theatre was fantastic, but now its time to get my stuff organised and make sure I’ve got all my books, notes and brain in check for tomorrow. Lights out!