Eating Out in Edinburgh – My Top 5 Restaurants

Listen – I LOVE to eat. Eating food is one of my absolute favourite parts of being alive. I love to cook, but I also love to eat out, and there’s hundreds of great restaurants in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, eating out is pretty expensive – I’d say you can expect to spend at least £10 for most dinners out in Edinburgh – lunch is usually cheaper. When I eat at a restaurant, I try and get things that I can’t make at home, which rules out most pasta, salad, and sandwiches. The restaurants I’ve listed below are places that are pretty cheap as food in Edinburgh goes, where I’ve had really good experiences, and that are very close to George Square. I was vegetarian for a long time, so these are all places that have at least a few vegetarian options, but I’m not sure about their allergen-free, gluten-free and vegan options.


My absolute favourite restaurant in Edinburgh. It’s cheap (£7-8 for a meal I often can’t finish) and it’s consistently good. It’s a Korean-Japanese restaurant on Buccleuch Street. If you’re interested in Korean food, try out Mr Kim’s and Sodaeng, which are both very close by! Andamiro has a lot of really good vegetarian and I think vegan options as well. They serve big, hearty meals; my personal favourites are probably the tricolour donburi, kimchi japchae, and okonomiyaki, but I try new things all the time They also have a large tea and coffee menu, adorable desserts, and onigiri, which are perfect if you’re on the go. About okonomiyaki – if you’ve never had it, or even heard of it, get yourself to Andamiro right away! I won’t try and describe it because the whole concept just doesn’t translate until you’re eating it. Just go and try it.

113 Buccleuch St, Open 11:00-:21:00

Press Coffee

One of my favourite coffee shops in Edinburgh (their lattes are always perfect drinking temperature) but they also have really good food. For me, nothing defeats a hangover like Press scrambled eggs doused in Cholula hot sauce with an americano. For a nice lunch try their soup or foccacia – they always have nice vegetarian options, as well as light snacks like scones and croissants. It’s small and fairly quiet for a cafe, so it’s also a great place to meet for a date or meeting.

30 Buccleuch St, Open 8:00-18:30

Nile Valley Cafe

This is probably my favourite place for a cheap, fast filling lunch, and it’s just across from Appleton Tower. Their wraps are really good and keep me full for a busy day of staring blankly at my dissertation notes. Plus, they’re very portable – you can eat on the go, or save half for later. My favourite is the falafel and baba ganoush wrap (£4). They incorporate a lot of African and Middle Eastern flavours, so it’s a great place to try something new without spending a lot of money. They have a large downstairs dining room, so you can try their great dinner entrees as well.

6 Chapel St, Open 10:00-22:00

Wildman Wood

This one is a little more expensive and pretentious, but let’s be honest, that describes a lot of places in Edinburgh. And honestly, their pizzas are amazing. The flavours are perfect and the crust is just how I like it – thin, crispy, and a little bit chewy. The servings are generous, and there’s a lot of great options – go with friends so you can share a few slices. Their coffee is also very nice, and I’ve heard their breakfast/brunch options are good as well, but I haven’t tried them yet.

22-29 Marshall St, Open 8:00-23:00

Ting Thai Caravan

Ting Thai Caravan is amazing, and everyone in Edinburgh knows it – there’s often a line out the door. But the food is worth the wait and the tight quarters. Each bite is unique and addictive. You’ll want to try everything, so go with a few friends and split a few dishes. Even if you don’t love Thai food or have never tried it, you’ll find something you enjoy! It does take a little bit of digging to find vegetarian options, but there are a few.

Teviot Place, Open 11:30-23:00


Honorable mention: Mum’s

Mum’s is an Edinburgh institution, serving homey comfort food since approximately the dawn of time. I’m recommending it with reservations – when it’s good, it’s incredible. When it’s not good, the service is really slow and the food is bland and disappointing. But if you’re willing to risk it all fora restaurant with a sense of humour and some truly incredible sausage and mash (with rotating vegetarian sausage options!) then Mum’s is the place to go. Try their milkshakes – all the flavours are incredible, and some have a bit of booze to make things extra fun. They’re small and usually quite crowded, so there may be a bit of a wait.

4a Forrest Road, Open 10:00-22:00