5 affordable student lunches near campus

You know those long library days when the deadlines pile up to the point when you can no longer ignore them?
You plan to make your lunch at home so you can stay in the library for long enough to actually do something, but it’s a struggle! Maybe you can’t really afford to spend more money on food that week or don’t want to go home every few hours. I certainly know this struggle and spent a good amount of my first year figuring my way around this problem. This blog will try to give some advice on affordable lunch options near the University’s central campus for those of us that can’t go long without thinking about food. Brains need fuel! 😊

  1. Teviot Row House

Well, that is an obvious one, but still, it’s awesome. The Library Bar serves a variety of popular foods like burgers, pizzas, pasta and salads. Who hasn’t heard about Teviot nachos?! They have some good deals too. Every weekday from 3pm – 6pm there are 2 for 1 nachos and every Saturday there is 2 for 1 pizza from 7 till 10 pm. You can sit anywhere in the whole building and they will bring food to you. Sport Bar offers some additional options, such as ribs. For 5 pounds you can get a nice meal, or two if you get there the right time for the deals.

  1. On The Roll – Bratwurst stand

I just love it. Every time I walk past the Bratwurst stand in front of Appleton Tower, I want one. Although I don’t like that it’s gotten more expensive since last year. But anyway, 4 pounds is still a good deal.

  1. The Library Café

This option is good because you don’t even need to leave the library, which is getting more and more appealing now that the weather is getting colder. They have really tasty soup of the day options for only £2.10, or £2.60 if you add bread and butter. They also offer burgers, toasties, salads, baguettes, fruit, muffins, sweets, cookies, and most of it costs less than £5. A hot soup really feels nice after spending hours searching for motivation and looking at the screen.

  1. Lian Pu – Chinese restaurant

Located in Nicholson Square, it’s just a minute from central campus. The dishes cost around 7 pounds and the portions are fairly big. It is cash only though, so be prepared.

  1. Red Fort – Indian restaurant

They have an all you can eat buffet lunch and dinner, and they have student discount! Need I say more?

I hope you find this information useful and maybe the long library stays a bit less stressful. May the odds be ever in your favour!

McEwan Hall in Edinburgh