A Guide to Enjoying a Uni Snow Day

The Beast from the East has arrived and has forced us to wear our pajamas and drink hot cocoa.

But we’re good students, so what’s a good student to do when physically unable to go to class? Here is my guide to making the most of your snow day.

Get comfortable

Obviously, the most important of any snow day is to be cozy and warm. With the BBC advising us to stay inside and avoid travel, it’s time to keep your PJs and slippers on today. I for one and wearing my pajamas and a large fuzzy and pink robe, and I am very content. Next, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and a little bit of comfort food — a macaroni and cheese bake is my suggestion. Sleep in for a little bit longer, take an extra long shower or bath, and most importantly bundle up if you are brave enough to venture out and make a snow angel or two!

Get organized

With this blessed snow day upon us, it’s no surprise that you’ve been bombarded with emails from the university and your lecturers explaining how coursework/lectures have been affected. Whether you have oodles of work to catch up on or have just submitted your be-all-end-all assignment of the semester and have nothing to do, why not organize yourself and be fully prepared for the next few weeks?

Recycle old work and papers, clean up your work area (maybe your room too, while you’re at it), and play catch up. Was there one lecture you think you understood but at the same time you really didn’t understand any of it? Now is the time to revise and get on top of your studies!

Get out your phone and call your mother

She’s probably worried sick about you and is actively buying five snuggies to be delivered to your flat so you can stay warm. Call her and tell her you’re okay, then ask her what her recipe is for macaroni and cheese bake because “oh my god, today will be my cheat day.”

Get outside

Stepping outside for a few minutes to get fresh air will not kill you, or even give you hypothermia. Bundle up and grab a hat, then find yourself just outside your doorstep for five minutes. The fresh air will prevent you from getting cabin fever and coming back into your flat from a freezing exterior will make it that much more worth it.

Also, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside.