Finding a flat for next year

The prospect of finding accommodation at university can be daunting – luckily, we are here to help!

Every student here at the University of Edinburgh will undoubtedly have the experience of having to organize and find a place to live for the following academic year. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

Start early

As April approaches, many students may have already found and applied for their next year’s accommodation. However, it’s not too late. Check websites like Zoopla or Gumtree will update daily with any new available properties, so it’s worth keeping up to date with housing websites!

Ask your friends

If you have friends in higher years at the University, ask them what their plans are for next year. There’s a chance that they’re searching for new accommodation too, and you might be able to work out an agreement to take their old flat.

You don’t have to be right next to campus

Explore your options. Leith is a beautiful up-and-coming student area in Edinburgh and is worth the trek. Situated about 20 minutes from central campus by bus, Leith flats are often cheaper and bigger than those on campus. For those of us who have class in Kings more often than in George Square, it might be better to look for accommodation in a residential area close to the science campus.

University accomodation

The friendly faces at the housing services for the University of Edinburgh have great resources to help you find your next year’s accommodation. See what life is like with Edinburgh’s accommodation services here.


Once you’ve found a place to live, don’t forget to fill in that paperwork! Some international students will need guarantors, and many letting agencies rent their flats out for next year very quickly. It’s important to be prompt and decorous when applying for accommodation. When going to view a flat, check with the letting agent to see if you need to fill in a physical form to apply for a property. If you’re given a paper copy or can find one online, print it out, fill it out (that includes everyone in your future flat), and bring it with you! If you love a property, fill in the missing details on your form and hand it right to the letting agent showing you around the flat.

Living in the flat

Congratulations! You’ve found a flat with your best friends/your best self. This will be an incredibly fun time for you, as living with your university friends can be outrageous and exciting, or if you’re living on your own, a great time to find yourself and enjoy solitude and freedom. However, a lot goes into maintaining a flat. Set up a chores calendar, a meal prep schedule, a list of allergies and pet peeves, a shower and bathroom schedule, and university timetables just in case. Making sure your flat is clean and you and your flatmates are happy, healthy, and fed are all keys to a successful year.


Don’t forget you have neighbors!