5 tips to study for long periods of time

It’s that part of the semester. The deadlines are approaching, there are many readings yet to be made and some essays to be written. There seems to be no time left for anything other than student life! Well, here are 5 tips to study for long periods of time!

The key to a good study session is planning. Always plan ahead so you don´t waste time!

1.Find the right place

This may seem simple but finding the right place can have a significant influence on your ability to concentrate. The most important thing is to find a space that meets your needs, for example, if you are going to stay there all day, it would be good to have a place where you can make small breaks to eat. Another important point is that it needs to have excellent internet reception and plugs where you can connect all your devices.

2. Set goals

Setting goals can help you better manage your time. For example, if your general objective is to finish the first draft of an essay you can set specific targets for each hour of work. During the first hour, you will do a reading, in the second hour, you will brainstorm and then start writing. Remember to have small breaks after reaching each goal, so you stay motivated!

3. Eat and drink!

If you know you are going to spend all day in the library working, the best thing to do is start with a good breakfast. If in addition to that you are trying to save some money or want to eat healthy, an easy option is to pack your own lunch. Remember that you can eat on the ground floor of the main library! It is also essential to bring a bottle of fresh water or tea and have some snacks such as an apple or cookies on hand.

4. If you are losing focus, change activity

It is normal that after a few hours doing the same activity your mind wants to wander. If you feel that you are reading without understanding or that what you write does not make much sense, it is best to change activity for a short period of time. Instead of forcing yourself to keep working you can watch a useful tutorial on YouTube or… okay, let’s face it: funny cat videos.

5. Reward yourself!

After an exhausting day of study, you can reward yourself in different ways. You can meet with friends for coffee, go to a fun class at the gym or buy some candy to watch a movie before going to sleep. The important thing is to stay motivated to continue with the rhythm of the studies!

Good luck with your finals, essays and readings!