More than just pubs

Going for a beer dominates a classic evening out when you live in the UK. But Edinburgh is a beautiful city that boasts a variety of fun things to do. Here are a few suggestions for when you feel like trying something different.

Be a tourist

It goes without saying when you live in a UNESCO World Heritage site (at least, the Old and the New Town are)! Edinburgh Castle is far from the only historic site in the city. Holyrood Palace, Princes Street, and the whole of the Old Town for that matter are worth exploring. So, do your Trip Advisor research, and go out there for some sightseeing.

Big on theatre

Apart from the big cinemas and theatres, there are also numerous amateur troupes. Although I’m sure there’s something for everyone, I can particularly talk about comedy, as I’ve often found myself in stand-up comedy and improvisation productions. Were you ever expecting to watch Harry Potter- or Sherlock Holmes-themed shows, in which the audience suggests a title and the actors develop it on the spot? Well, it’s one of many startlingly creative shows you can find in the city. Laughing is a great way to relax after a day of studying, so I recommend checking out a comedy show–or five.

Creepy tours (not only) for the brave

I guess the next one shouldn’t be a surprise when you think about Edinburgh’s gothic vibe. But gothic here is not just about the architecture. Did you know Edinburgh has its own vaults, which come with an abundance of scary rumours about the time they were last used two centuries ago? And what about the more obscure legends that surround famous sites around the city? A variety of tours combine historical facts with haunting tales and interactive experiences meant to bring the mysterious details of the past to life. If you want entertainment as a side dish to history, try one of Edinburgh’s tours such as the Ghost Bus or the Underground Vaults.

Experience each season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I feel lucky to have spent it in one of Europe’s most “Christmassy” cities. The big market on Princes Street is like something out of a fairy tale, and there are many other spots to get you into a festive mood, like the ice rink in St Andrew Square. In truth, Edinburgh is a busy city with tons of celebrations and festivals all year round. I doubt people here ever run out of things to do. But Christmas season seems to be a specialty, so don’t waste time – there are only a few days left to take it all in and experience the famous Hogmanay celebration on New Year’s Day.


And on that note, enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone!!!