5 ways to counter the January blues in Edinburgh

It’s officially here, the dreaded month of January. Spirits are low, cold winds are high, and your December exam results could be average. But fret not, because here are 5 ways to counter those January blues right here in Edinburgh.


1. Go see: ‘The giant lanterns of China’ at Edinburgh Zoo


If a light up mammoth doesn’t brighten your day then nothing will.


This year, Edinburgh Zoo’s Chinese lantern displays are based around the theme of ‘Myths and Legends’. Just a short bus ride from the City Centre, heading to see this will be well worth the visit – though you should expect all of the real animals to be tucked up in bed. On until the 17th February 2019, Tickets are available to purchase here!


2. Go sip: a Buckfast Daiquiri at Paradise Palms




Whether you’re a seasoned Bucky veteran, or tried it once in freshers week when your new Scottish flatmate pressured you into it, the Buckfast Daiquiri will be for you. Native to Paradise Palms, this legendary cocktail provides the perfect balance of classiness and classlessness, and it’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.


3. Go peruse: The Eco Larder


Friendly AND healthy!


While their choice of font is slightly questionable, their motives and products are not! This zero waste shop opened recently on Morrison street and is great. Not only can you get cheap high quality spices, groceries, vegetables etc, but you can feel greatabout doing it. Sustainable products are so important, plus a balanced diet with high quality ingredients improves your mood, keeps your weight healthy, and gives you more energy. So do yourself some good by doing the world some good.


4. Go on: a meditation retreat at the Chaplaincy centre


Rate this photo on a scale from 1 to Zen.


Every second Saturday of the month, the chaplaincy centre offers a day long meditation retreat to University of Edinburgh students. Whether you’re as mentally balanced as a meditation guru already, or just want to reduce the anxiety in your life, this could be for you. More information can be found here!


5. Go play: at the Games Hub


Make sure your game of Monopoly is done before closing time.


At 101 Lauriston Place you can find the Games Hub. A haven for those who enjoy the combination of coffee and/or tea with boardgames. Play old favourites, or try something new – there are plenty to choose from. It’s only £2.50 per person for 10 hours (12 hours on weekends) access to all of the games. Head along!

Well there you have it, 5 Edinburgh-y ways to enforce some dopamine secretion in your brain this January. Remember: wear gloves, stay positive, and drink lots of coffee – it’ll be spring before you know it.