My tips on how to prepare for your career after university

In six months I’ll be done with university for good. Six months seem at the same time so close and so far away. Right now I’m focused on the second semester and I barely have time to think about anything but university. However, I know I have to prepare myself for what I’ll do once I turn in my dissertation and anxiously wait for my results. As I tried to put my thoughts in order to approach this, I realised three important things.


1- Talk to the people around you

It might sound like the most obvious tip I could give but I think it is an important reminder. Share your worries instead of having them constantly run inside your head. It is probably the only thing all uni students have in common and believe me it is such a relief to realise you’re not alone in this.

I know now it is an unavoidable topic of discussion with my friends, especially as Masters only last a year. The end is coming way sooner than we’d like. Being a postgrad student means that I am surrounded by people with very different backgrounds and plans for the future. We have so much to share with each other and we try to give as much support as we can. Most students in my course have had some experience with the professional world and it’s always rewarding to hear about their experience.


2- Make use of the career service

Luckily I’m in a university that tries to help students to organise their future career as much as they can. I haven’t personally met anyone from the career service but I have plenty of friends who have. I’m planning on meeting with them as soon as possible to help me with some technical details (looking over my CV and cover letter for example) but also generally to try to make a better plan on how to proceed. There seems to be so much around I don’t really know where to start and I don’t want to miss any opportunity.

If you’re not part of the University of Edinburgh just yet it shouldn’t stop you as everywhere there are many professionals willing to help you with your career struggle, just go and look for them.


3- Relax!

After following my first two advices you should already be getting there. However, I just want to have it written down so that it’s a constant reminder. The future is uncertain and scary but also full of promises and planning shouldn’t stop you from focusing on what’s important : the present. Don’t forget to enjoy your time at university as much as you can!


On the 7th of February the school of PPLS organises a meeting between alumni and students. They’ll be here to talk to students about what it’s like to go and explore the big wide world after university (and tell stories about how it’s not as scary as it sounds – hopefully!) and give some tips to prepare and leave university in the best conditions. Attend if you can, I promise it will be worth it!