Fantastic coos and where to find them

If you’re looking into coming to Scotland or if you already live here, you might have done your research on the country just like I did when I first considered moving here. Scotland is famous for a lot of things: the Loch Ness, kilts, whisky, rugby, weird food and drinks (I’m running out of clichés but there are many more I’m sure). However, out of all the amazing things Scotland has to offer, the most amazing one has to be the Highland Coo. The fluffiest, most majestic cow in all of the world (in my most unbiased opinion).

When I moved to Scotland in 2016 my number one objective was to find these famous Highland cows so I could admire their beauty up-close. Little did I know that looking for some cows would become something like an impossible quest. At some point, I became convinced that these beautiful creatures were as mythical as the Loch Ness monster.

By the end of my first year here, there was no sign of any cows anywhere! I became convinced that Highland cows were just a scam put up by the Scottish Tourism Industry to make naïve cow enthusiasts like me visit their country.

Coo encounter 

Finally! After years of longing and travels all around the Scottish countryside, I can proudly say I’ve seen my first Highland cows two weeks ago. All it took was a Scot by my side and a 30-minute bus ride to the Pentland Hills.

But what to make of this quest at the end of the day? I will always cherish it because it made me go out to the countryside, embracing Scotland outside of the University’s central campus. I am thankful to have been able to experience so many wonders that Scotland has to offer. Don’t ever hesitate whenever you have the opportunity to head out of the city!