How to survive sickness while studying

Well, we have all been there. Cold season. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are you will end up catching a cold. So, for those of you who wonder, “what should I do if I am ill while studying?” here are my tips and advice.

1. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and STAY AT HOME

Yeah, I get it. You don’t want to miss your lectures, you want to hang up with your pals, you want to enjoy the beautiful weather (?), but when you are sick with visible symptoms of a cold, the best thing to do is rest, aka stay home. You are not only doing a favor to your body, that is fighting a battle, but you also have to think about your fellow classmates and professors. They don’t want to become sick. So, no matter how badly you want to attend Logic II, please, grab your pillow, and stay home.

2. Hydrate and eat healthy

As I said before, your body is fighting the disease, so the best way you can help yourself is by drinking enough fluids, and by this, I mean water, natural fruit juice, herbal tea, that kind of thing! A foolproof recipe to have a lovely drink while resting is ginger, lemon, and honey; it will keep you warm and help you if you have an irritated throat. And try your best to eat healthily: fruits and veggies, probably a hot soup is all you need before a good nap!

I am not a big advocate of self-medication, however, if you want to treat your symptoms you could ask at any pharmacy for something to help you get through the day. However, keep in mind that most of the flu medications contain paracetamol and you should not take them for longer than three days.

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3. Let someone know how you are feeling

You probably just have a cold; nevertheless, it is a good idea to inform someone about your condition in case you need further assistance. So, just text your friend and describe some of your symptoms and be sure to tell them if you start feeling worst or if the symptoms haven’t cleared after a week or so.

Also, as an international student is your duty to inform the department if you are missing more than two classes due to illness.

4. As a last resort go to the GP

If you have mild symptoms that can be managed by yourself at home, you don’t need to go to the GP. Believe me, they will tell you what you already know. However, if you are still suffering after a week or so, you should definitely check with your doctor in the case is something more serious.