Three things I have learned by working as a media ambassador!

Sadly this is gonna be my last post. However, I thought about sharing some of the things I have learned during these months working with our school as a social media ambassador

1. There are always new stories

After the first weeks of classes and the excitement of life in a new city, I realised that I slowly stopped exploring the city. Those long weekends in which I tried to go further in my walks or search for new museums that I still needed to know, gave way to extended stays in the library and long afternoons of essay writing.

At that time, working as a social media ambassador forced me to continue searching for new stories to tell about the city and the life of the students in Edinburgh. So I could not stay in one place! This allowed me to find new coffee shops and find fun activities in the city. It also forced me to travel further in search of new landscapes and stories to tell.

2. Not all writing has to be academic!

Writing academically in English is always a challenge for foreign students. Believe it or not, everything is different. From the way essays are structured, to how to use citations in individual sections. So when I finished my first essay drafts, my mind could not think of writing any other way.

But, having to think about a topic for the next post blog and doing the whole research process made me realise that writing has many facets and that, as students, it is good also to exercise other ways of expressing ourselves through words.

3. There is always someone wanting to know more!

It might seem that what we write does not have a lasting or evident impact on the lives of those around us. However, I have met people who have read many posts on our blog and it managed to make their life in Edinburgh much more bearable.

Could there be a better reward for our work? I do not think so!

Thank you very much for reading me all these months, it has been a pleasure.

Best of luck with your studies!