Chronicles of a hungry student

I never really thought of myself as a ‘foodie’. Growing up in a suburban neighborhood of New York City, to be worthy of such a title entailed religiously searching the internet for ‘hip’ restaurants to dine at in Brooklyn or SoHo and then committing yourself to weekend trips into the city. So, it is quite paradoxical for me to finally deem myself a foodie here in Edinburgh (especially since I am living day to day on a student salary).

This realization came to me when my friend and I started discussing where we should go for lunch a couple days ago. Rather than recommending student ‘go-to’ favorites such as Domino’s or Nando’s, I suggested local, small-scale, or hole in the wall food spots and restaurants. In what follows, I will provide a list of a couple of tasty places to try out that do not ‘break your wallet’ and provide you with a break from your regular food routine!

1. Illegal Jack’s

(44-45 St Patrick Square)
Do you like Mexican food? What about burritos? This spot has been named “Best Cheap Eat in Scotland” a number of times in the last couple of years. Burritos, taco bowls, tacos… what more can you possibly ask for?

2. Paradise Palms

(41 Lothian Street)
Are you a vegetarian or vegan? This place is the spot for you if you’re craving some loaded nachos or fries!

3. Bross Bagels

(186 High Street, Portobello or 105 Leith Walk, Leith)
American or Canadian? Or do you just love bagels? Larah Bross, the owner of this bagel chain, opened up her own bagel shop since she could not stand eating supermarket bagels. I mean, how could you after being exposed to bagels back in the US and Canada? Choose from a wide variety of bagels topped with even more interesting and delicious toppings! Vegan and vegetarian friendly!

Bross Bagels on Leith Walk

4. Ting Thai Caravan

(8-9 Teviot Place)
If you have classes close to Potterrow or Teviot then you most likely have passed by this urban-esque style Thai restaurant. If you like Thai food this spot guarantees you a healthy yet filling meal that will feed your brain and keep you going all day.

5. Union of Genius

(8 Forrest Road) (My Personal Favorite)
Let’s say you don’t have too much time in between classes but you haven’t had breakfast. Union of Genius works from their van ‘Dumbo’ delivering warm and hearty soups and delicious salads that change on the daily. I never was a soup person until I tried theirs! This is my go-to spot. Vegan and vegetarian friendly!