A solution to feeling stuck

It’s easy to feel like there is nothing much to do whilst we’re cooped up in our homes, feeling stuck, bored or unproductive. Our normal lives have changed, we can no longer busy ourselves with the things we used to – going out, meeting friends, exploring and adventuring new places. But when we can’t go out to adventure, why not bring the adventure to you? ‘How?’, you may ask. Well, it’s simple, with creativity.

This phenomenon that we only knew as a kid may seem and feel a little odd to you now: a grown adult trying to figure out life with jobs, studies and ‘grown up problems’. Nonetheless, creativity is a useful tool and skill provides a lot more value (and fun) than we think.

Because “Life is a great big canvas, so throw all the paint you can on it”.

– Danny Kaye

Creativity is essential for life because it is life-making. Being creative kindles a spark within us that enlivens our joy for life, revitalises and energises us, and offers a moment of pure joy. Creativity has the ability to shift perspective as we build the muscle of finding a new way to look at things. Not only that, but being creative keeps us in the present moment. To put it into an even bigger picture, creativity is what allows us to project our unique selves and contribute to the world. It’s how we come up with solutions to problems and it’s the source of all great human accomplishment.

Want to know more about how important creativity is for society? Watch one of the most popular Ted Talks of all time:

Do schools kill creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

Who knew what was once a kiddish concept thought used by the light-hearted was such an essential being for life.

But I’m not a creative person

It turns out that in actuality you’ve always been creative! Whether it’s from making an apple pie when there’s no cinnamon in sight, setting up a cabinet with more things that actually fit, or resolving a small conflict between family or friends, you have been creative your whole life in some way or another – you just don’t know it. And like any other skill, the more you do it the better you get.

“Creativity can be learned as learning to read”

– Sir Ken Robinson

Being creative is simply using an old idea, matching it with a new idea and then producing something original. It’s thinking outside the box. It’s thinking for ourselves rather than following the path that’s been handed to us because. You don’t have to be uniquely talented or knowledgeable, all that’s needed is a curious mind, an open heart and a willingness to try (and not get what you expect). It’s time to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and make your life more joyful from the comfort of your own home.

Alright, you got me. How do I be creative?

Good question. Creativity isn’t the artist in the corner intensely sketching a way as they produce their masterpiece, in fact, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with art at all! Being creative is first a state of mind, an attitude, a perspective. So what can we do to bring this state of mind about?

1.    Go for a walk

I know what you’re thinking, what does going for a walk have to do with creativity? Well, you’ll be surprised by how much it does. When it comes to being creative, one needs to be open and aware to what’s around them and the ideas that flow in their head – and being outside helps that! Thus, changing things up outside of us also changes it up inside of us – our mental headspace. In addition, creativity is all about paying attention – paying attention to the details and new things you never noticed before.

2.    Try something new

Cook a meal, try out yoga or listen to new music. The range is extremely wide here! Step a bit out of our regular patterns, old routines – essentially the things we’re used to. As comfy as they are, sometimes its our old patterns that are the things that are stopping us from living the life we want or living a life of joy. Trying something new pushes you to explore your taste, desires and what you want from life. By just simply thinking about new things to try, you are already being creative – you are experimenting with novelty in your day-to-day life. Not only does this bring joy, but it also brings a sense of accomplishment as you have accomplished something outside your comfort zone. So congrats!

3.    Make something with your hands

Put the phone away and do something real with your hands; knead dough, paint, do some gardening. The options here are almost as limitless as trying something new. It’s time to get back into the real world – escape the ceaseless zoom calls, social media scrolling and Netflix binging – even for just a bit! Not only does making something with your hands decrease stress, relieve anxiety and help your mental health, but it also significantly helps you get into your flow (which is highly correlated with your happiness). Making something with your hands is like the kinesthetic and tactile version of paying attention, a powerful feeling that leads to greater creativity and fulfilment.

Want to know the power of paying attention over craving attention? And also love Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Watch this:

How cravng attention makes you less creative – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

4.    It’s up to you!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you! The path of creativity is also the path of finding who you are and what you like – it is unique to you. You don’t have to do anything of what I suggested, or you can come up with your own ideas! Do what’s right for you. This is about bringing joy to your life.

If you do try any of the suggestions mentioned in this blog or even come up with your own ways of being creative, share it with us by replying to this post or commenting on Facebook or Instagram at @SchoolofPPLS. It means a lot to us to know if the blog has made any kind of an impact on you.

Thank you for reading! 😊