5 things to do in Edinburgh now that exams are (nearly) done

In just a few days exams are over! Before you rush home for summer enjoy some of the fun things Edinburgh has to offer you to celebrate!

1) Treat yourself with Brunch

Or dinner, or whatever meal you prefer, but we all know that brunch has the best food. As a brunch connoisseur (I can’t get enough of mimosas) here are some delicious brunch recommendations for you:

Brunch – It’s in the name, this new place on George IV Bridge is amazing

Montpelier’s – I used to live right across from this lovely place and they never failed me with their breakfast food

56 North – Top place to get the mimosa fix and some incredible eggs benny

Checkpoint – While the pancakes are a bit on the small side, most of their dishes are delightful and their halloumi fries are to die for

City Cafe – If you’re a full hearty American breakfast kind of person this is your go to!

Brunch at 56 North
Brunch at 56 North

2) Be a tourist in your city

After Fresher’s week you can get so caught up in university life that you don’t get to appreciate the amazing city that is Edinburgh! We’re so lucky to live in this gorgeous city. There’s all the usual trips – Arthurs Seat and Calton hill are lovely as it gets sunnier and the views get better, as is a climb up the Scott Monument. Some of the places I’ve discovered and fallen in love with only recently are Leith Walk and Deans Village. I didn’t know there were such lovely walks in the city I hadn’t found. I’ve also always been a fan of a walk along the canal.

3) Have a barbecue on the meadows

It’s a must as you finish up exams and head into summer – when you get sunshine in Scotland you make the most of it! Round up your friends and have a picnic on the meadows to celebrate all you’ve accomplished this year. Those of you who are tough will stick it out even if it begins to cloud over a bit…

4) Time for the beach!

There’s a few places you can head if it gets warm enough (Which it totally will). Of course there’s Portobello, super easy to get to by bus, and a lovely place to be. At Cramond you can access Cramond Island for a picnic as long as you time it right with the tide! If you want a secluded spot with a lovely walk you can head to the village of Aberlady. Finally, if you’re up for a short trip out of the city, North Berwick is an absolutely lovely place to visit and spend a day in the sun.

5) Catch up with everyone before you go home

Take a special night to make sure you see all your amazing friends you’ve made at university, it might be a few long months till you get to see them again! Going home for summer is always lovely, but you make some amazing bonds at university – and not seeing these great people for a while can be tough! Organise some drinks at your flat or a night out so everyone can catch up and find out each other’s summer plans. If you’re looking for a place with some nice drinks to celebrate another hard year of work finished, some of my favourites are Whistle Stop Barber Shop, Tigerlily, Paradise Palms, and Panda & Sons. Treat yourself!

Leith walk
Leith walk

I hope everyone’s exams have gone well! For those that still have them you’re nearly there! You’ll rock it. Congratulate yourselves for everything you’ve done this year, have a nice rest, and look forward to an amazing summer. Can’t wait to be back and do it again in September!

Allie 🙂