Summer Internship (and bye for now)

I’ve been having an amazing time with my part-time job at the University. Unfortunately, I will be leaving this post for now, as I am taking up a new full-time internship over summer. On the bright side, my new job is with an amazing team doing really interesting stuff here at the University.

Edinburgh University likes to take initiative to offer employment and work experience opportunities to its students. An initiative which I’ve already been benefitting from, and loving, in my current work. In my next position, I will be taking part in the Employ.ed summer internship scheme. This scheme is offered to any 2nd, 3rd, or penultimate year undergrads looking for paid work experience. The Uni offers a lot of different internships every year. Students have an opportunity to practice application and interview skills initially. If they are successful, they get to learn about the workplace in the job itself.

I applied for 3 different internships, and was stoked to get some interviews. (Do people use the word stoked here in the UK? Or is that Kiwi slang…) I was offered a position and I happily took it. It is an ideal opportunity. I will be working with the same organisation, in a position I’m interested in, and it’s a five minute walk from my flat (Win!). So, this summer I will be a media and communications intern. I’m so excited to start facing up to the challenge next week.

The internship is still ahead of me, but I already feel lucky to be at a university with such a good scheme. Finding work can be scary, as can learning about the workplace. I’ve worked in offices before, but it can be very hard to find these opportunities. By offering these on campus internships, the University gives you learning experiences in a familiar environment, with great support. The programme develops a range of employability skills as well as offering connection opportunities with other students on the scheme.

Getting a step up into a work environment can be intimidating, and the programme here at the university makes it that little bit less of a leap. I’ll be learning new things, in a new field, and I can’t wait. I’ll miss blogging here over the break, but if I’m lucky maybe I can update you all at the other end of the summer when I’ve conquered my internship! My third year here at Edinburgh has been quite the challenge, but also been filled with amazing moments. I hope to continue these kinds of experiences over summer. It’ll be my first Fringe festival as well!

I wish you all happy and fun summers. I look forward to seeing you again in my final year next year! It all goes so fast!

Allie 😊



Check out the Uni Careers Service & the Employ.ed scheme to find out more!


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