What you’ll realise during your first break from university

For anyone, the holiday break after exams is a breath of fresh air… but none of us expected to miss university life so much.

Of course, the holiday break is full of time well-spent with family and friends, which is especially valuable to those of us who don’t have the luxury of a quick 2-hour drive (try 11 hours on a plane!). No one, however, prepared me for the realization that I missed my university family more than anything. After having spent every moment with your hall mates, course mates, and society mates, the absence these young, extravagant humans you’ve spent every waking hour with can truly cause a stir in your mind! “Absence makes the heart grow stronger,” and as much as I adore clichés, this is one I never thought I’d experience to the extent to which I did during my first full break away from university life. Along the lines of the unexpected, here’s a list of everything you’ll (probably) miss during those 3 glorious weeks:


The whole of Edinburgh

There’s so much to love about the entirely of Edinburgh that it’s impossible to not miss this incredible city. You’ll miss your professors and tutors; the strangely comforting darkness at four in the afternoon; the bagpipes as you approach Princes Street. Every inch of this city is magnificent and rich with history. What’s not to love, or miss?

Image source: https://www.business-school.ed.ac.uk/__data/assets/image/0009/73809/home-block-city-4.jpg

Halls (and their food)

Who knew you’d miss those beautiful hashbrowns so much? And who could forget your residence hall’s endearing residents who play music just a tad too loudly? In reality, there’s something magical about being around 600 other like-minded, energetic, intelligent 20-somethings, and you’ll miss them all.

Image source: https://sec.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/544/54428511.jpg

The work

You’ve just finished three or so months of dedicated, strenuous work, oodles upon oodles of essays and course assessments. Come January, you’ll find yourself bored and wishing you had something to do. Cue the realisation that you work better with a schedule: you can’t wait to start your next semester’s classes and tutorials. Perhaps you’re more than happy to wait until May for your next set of exams, but the fire of learning the subject you’re passionate about is rekindled after having been away for so long…that’s why you’ve come to university, right?