Preparing for your Year Abroad

So you have accepted an offer to study abroad and are wondering what’s next. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to best prepare for your exchange, complete with a visual checklist – fancy!

Preparing to go abroad may leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is, after all, a big adjustment. As an exchange alumni, I can tell you that it is extremely worth it.

Just before I left for Auckland (almost one year on!!) a family member handed me a letter filled with advice on how to make the best of it all. It was long so I won’t drag on about it, but it came down to one simple mantra if you will:

Your new favourite word is yes.  

Alright, it may be cliché and it may be obvious. But it’s so easy to slip into a routine of always missing out. For some of you, it’s no bother – you’re always in the thick of it. For others, you may have to make some conscious decisions to go yet another mingle. I find myself somewhere in the middle and generally speaking, I never regretted making new friends and trying new things.

With all the pep talk done, let’s not forget the nitty gritty of moving abroad. It involves some boring stuff (like paperwork) but also some exciting challenges (like learning languages and planning travels). I’ve put together this little visual checklist to make things easier for you. It probably isn’t exhaustive but hopefully, it gets ya goin’.

If this isn’t HD enough you can download a PDF version below.


As always, there are super friendly and official people ready to help you here at the university. You can find information on all things Go Abroad here or visit Edinburgh Global’s fancy website for more tips and advice by clicking here.

Ciao for now!