My time in Edinburgh photo story

As this is my last blog for PPLS, I wanted to summarise my experience of studying in Edinburgh from when I came here almost two years ago up to now in a photo blog. I hoped you enjoyed our time together and maybe see you again!

First year:

Welcome week – meeting amazing people from all over the world

Trip to St. Andrews in Welcome Week

Fresher’s ball – fanciness and chocolate fountains

Friends from home come visit me, happiness all over 😀

Mystery meet with the Mountaineering club in the Highlands – the biggest problem is how to cross the river

Sister’s visit

Best lab partners, my only course at King’s buildings

Studying for the first university exams in the Meadows

Coming home for the first time after 3 months, no picture but veeeery emotional

Skiing on the last day of 2016 and New Year’s with my friends in the mountains 🙂

January in Scotland – climbing in Fife

Flexible learning week – skiing with my family in Austria

North Berwick climbing trip on a sunny Sunday in March

Celebrating first day without winter coats in Princess Street Gardens

Climbing in Mallorca in April

End of Year 1 – having goodbye nachos in Teviot with my brilliant flatmates

Almost 4 months of summer vacation followed – I was found all over Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, France, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria …

Year 2: 17th September – The return to the north

New flat, some new flatmates, new courses, but same old stunning Edinburgh

New job – Student Social Media Ambassador; and a new coworker – PPLS puppy Neuron

A trip to the Lake District with the Mountaineering club

My first harp student


Surprise visit home before December exams – indescribable

December exams done!

January trip to Madeira with my Edinburgh friends

Flexible Learning Week: skiing in Bosnia with my family

Saving money for travelling – new job in a cashmere shop

End of classes for second year – celebrating with Ben’s cookies

Just three exams in May and half of my undergraduate degree will be complete! Two thirds of my stay in Edinburgh as well, as I am leaving for a year abroad to the University of Auckland, New Zealand in July 🙂 Many adventures are ahead of me, and I am determined to enjoy every moment of my journey!