How and where to travel from Edinburgh

Travelling is a part of any student’s life, and if you’d like to know how and where to travel from Edinburgh, you’ve come to the right place!

Why you should travel

Even though I chose to live abroad in Edinburgh for my degree, travelling as an undergraduate student is a top priority and value of mine. Whether you grew up in Edinburgh, across the ocean, or have traveled the world once over already, be sure to arrange for some time to go somewhere new during your studies. Not only will you feel more independent and worldly, but you’ll have a newfound appreciation for Edinburgh. Travelling is also a fantastic way to bond with friends and family. I went to Italy with my family in first year, after not having seen them for three months. It was exciting to see them again and rediscover why I loved travelling with my own “pack”. A good amount of students will travel with friends on weekends as well, giving them the chance to bond and experience a new country together.

Where to travel to from Edinburgh

If you want to go big, and have a bit of time, you can travel across Europe with a Eurostar ticket. Best reserved for on-the-fly, inspirational travel, packing a bag and stumbling upon a new city with your friends is a good way to test stamina and independence. Additionally, a great way to test yourself is through student charity races, which end up in big cities like Paris

I recommend going somewhere totally new and out of your comfort zone. Try islands, small villages, and coastal towns to thoroughly immerse yourself in a culture and people. If you’re looking to stay local, even going to Glasgow for a new city feel or even more northern to the Highlands. Scotland has simply some of the most majestic natural landscapes (albeit very cold).

How to travel

Trains are often your best option, with many easy services connecting you with the rest of the U.K.. Again, the Eurostar will take you to key cities in Europe, like Paris, Rotterdam, and more. Cheap airlines are becoming increasingly common, where EasyJet has hundreds of flights that won’t eat your wallet! Either way you go, Edinburgh’s public transport with take you right to Waverley Station (for trains galore) or to Edinburgh’s airport (via the Tram if you’d like).


So, if you’re eager to travel after reading this post, make sure it’s not during exam season or before any impending deadline!