My list of foolproof study spots to suit your every mood

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most adventurous with my study spaces, so over the years I’ve curated a bunch of my favourite places to get some work done – they’re not particularly exciting, but they never fail to deliver.

For the coffee: Edinburgh Press Club, 20 Cockburn Street

They do a delicious café bon bon, which is a shot of espresso with condensed milk and foam on top (believe me when I say, absolutely delicious). They also have really nice big tables to work on, plugs, and wifi.

Best for: lunch followed by a study session (they do tasty sandwich and soup deals for about £5)

Notable mention: Press Coffee, 30 Buccleuch Street

In my opinion, they do the best flat white around George square (as well as delicious bacon and egg rolls if you need even more of a pick-me-up). This is where I head if I’m prioritising tasty coffee over everything else.


For the aesthetics: Sofi’s Southside, 42 Buccleuch Street

If you’re one to instagram your study sessions, Sofi’s Southside is hands down the most aesthetic cafe around Central. It’s got a massive upstairs area with lots of plush seats and tables, and everything you need to make your feed look top notch: exposed brick, plants, jewel tone chairs, and wood.

Best for: long study sessions – the upstairs area is very spacious, so it’s super comfortable. They also do cocktails, in case that essay of yours needs it.


For camping out: The good ol’ main library

Obviously this one had to make the list because if you’re one to camp out in one spot day in and day out (or just the night before a deadline), the main library is your go-to. I personally prefer the fifth floor (which has the most gorgeous view) but everyone finds their own nook.

Best for: pulling them all-day all-nighters.

Other libraries around George square include: the PPLS library at 7 George Square, the newly renovated Law library at Old College, the ECA library at West Port, and the Moray House library down the Royal Mile (you can usually nab a seat at this one, even deep into exam season). 


For when pumpkin spice latte season comes around again: Starbucks on the High Street

Although quite full with tourists on the weekends, during the week it’s a nice space to work in, with the upstairs decked out in cozy wood tones. The wifi is speedy, there’s lots of opportunity for people watching, and best of all, they’re open until 10PM everyday. 

So there we go, all of my fool-proof, go-to places to get my study on. Edinburgh is full of study-friendly places both on and off campus – and after a few months here, you’re sure to find your go-to as well.