My Favourite Haunts on Campus

Semester two is here, and with it the realization that Edinburgh has started to feel like home. This got me thinking of the places around campus I spend most of my time in, and why I’ve come to like them.

Dugald Stewart Building

Named after the famous Edinburgh philosopher and mathematician – though also known to us students as the “PPLS building”. It’s where I run to for issues that the Postgraduate Office can help me with. It’s also one of the buildings where I have classes. Plus, it was where I met most of my fellow postgrads during my programme registration (honestly, that day was less about completing registration and more about making new friends over coffee).


The Main Library

Clearly the most popular studying space during exams, and for good reason. It has less to do with the books and computers provided than with the feeling that this is the place to be productive. There is also a certain unspoken feeling of camaraderie among the dozens of students striving to ignore the fifth-floor view and actually be productive.

The Medical School

As the name suggests, this building is mostly dedicated to medicine-related courses, but I have had a couple of classes in it, and it’s one of my favourites in terms of style. It’s a place rich with history, where one can find the famous Anatomy Lecture Theatre, the Anatomical Museum, and…on a different note, is it just me, or does this look like a Hogwarts hallway?

Teviot Row House

This is the place to relax. Well, you can study there too. Lots of students choose to take their laptops there instead of the library and enjoy a hot coffee or meal while working. But for me, it’s the place to have a break or have fun in, what with your options ranging from coffee, food, drinks to whatever club meeting or special event is going on in the evening. Teviot is one of the hubs of on-campus socialising, and if you’re too lazy to look for a new place to go out tonight, you’re sure to find something to do there.

7 George Square

For Psychology students, 7 George Square is a special building. It’s a place for lectures and stats labs. It offers nice and quiet spots to study in, like its own library or the basement concourse, if the main library gets too crowded. And you’ll always find people enjoying a meal in one of the lounges during lunchtime. That’s when you realise, if you’re here to be in Psychology, 7 George Square will become a second home (as you’ll be spending so much time in it, you’ll start eating there at some point).