Working as a student : my experience

Even if it does not feel like it most of the time, writing for this blog and posting pictures on the PPLS Instagram is a job for me. I’ve recently managed to get a second job along with this one and I also worked during my undergrad studies. Working while studying is a common experience, but I still feel like I need to share mine; as it’s a topic that I think is fundamental for every student.

I worked during my second year of undergrad every Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5. It meant I had no time to study properly during the weekend. It might sound scary when put like that, especially when you reach the point where deadlines are approaching. But, I found that for me it worked perfectly. I performed way better in university whilst I had my job than when I didn’t. I was doing all my studying during the week, because the time I didn’t have on the weekends was concrete, I couldn’t convince myself I was going to study later and procrastinate my way through the week.

I’m mentioning this because I’ve started a new job here, much more time consuming than my position as social media ambassador, and I find myself going back to the exact same pattern. I haven’t felt so good and productive as I do now balancing two jobs, a position in a committee, my classes, preparing for my dissertation and my social life! It sounds like a lot – because it is – but it’s actually great because it means I know I can’t afford much procrastination.

Obviously, I’m not recommending that students drown themselves in work. I like my alone time watching Netflix in bed the same as everybody else. The key here – as for everything in life – is to find balance. I have found mine and this post is simply to tell you that working and managing a busier schedule is not as difficult as it sounds, it could even be very beneficial for you!

Another great aspect of small jobs in my opinion are the unexpected skills you gain along the way. I personally think I’ve learned more about myself and the professional life mopping a school floor or phoning people for fundraising than in most of my classes at university. There are no bad jobs, nothing to look down on. You can always learn as long as you take what there is to take.

If you haven’t really considered working before, or have always been too scared of not having time, I hope this article challenged at least a little bit your preconceived ideas and you give it a shot!