My Day Trip to Lochness & the Highlands (snow!) : a review

My friend, Ken, came up to visit me from Bath. He has always heard of the Nessie legend and the Loch Ness. So I granted his wish…

So I bought this 12-hour tour from Nessiehunter for a dirt cheap deal of £29. Since it’s so suspiciously cheap and the Scottish weather is almost always terrible, we didn’t expect much at all.

The week before Ken came to Edinburgh, it was forecasted to be rainy and dreary throughout the week even! So no one would have guessed that it would snow the night before and would be sunny throughout our fateful trip!

We were really lucky to decide to go on a trip on that Saturday. The already beautiful Scottish Highlands covered in snow under the perfectly blue sky is extremely rare even in winter. It felt like Switzerland!

We started our morning waking up at 6AM to finish in time for our tour departure at 7.45. Our first stop was to get breakfast at Callendar near Loch Lomond.

After that, we continued our journey past Ben Nevis and Glencoe. Finally, we arrived at Loch Ness!







A view of Loch Ness

A view of Loch Ness

A view of Loch Ness


Ken enjoying the view.

Ken playing with snow.

We ended our day as the sunset with a short break at Pitlochry where Ken and I had some locally made Arran ice cream before continuing our 2-hour journey back to Edinburgh. On our way back, it was such a clear day that we could even see the stars. It was so romantic!

I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone with a limited time in Scotland, but I would suggest you do a road trip yourself if you can drive. It was so beautiful and all snowy white when we were there that we really wished we had more time. Most tours in Edinburgh are very rushed so I think I’ll definitely have a private road trip to the Highlands next time!