The Best Apps to Help You Get a First

We all want to make our exam season a little bit easier, but it’s not always as simple as spending more time in the library. Here’s a selection of some of the best study apps available on the app store.


1. Microsoft Office Lens

Gone are the days of typing up books manually as you troll through the extended works of authors looking for quotes to use in your essays. Office Lens lets you take a photo of any text document, and translate it digitally into a sharable, editable file. If your fingers are numb from mindless typing, give this one a go.

2. Google Drive

I’m lucky enough to have never had my laptop stolen during exam season, but I am grateful for the ability to take precautions for if it does. I make sure to periodically upload all of my essay/revision documents onto Google drive just in case it does happen. You can never be too safe, and when it’s a free service you’ve got no excuse not to.


Much like Office Lens, this app is all about translating physical stuff into the digital realm. RefMe allows you to scan a barcode of a book and have it instantly translated into a formatted citation that you can put into your bibliography.

4. Flashcards+

It really is as simple as the name suggests. If you need flashcards and want the best app to help create them, then look no further than Flashcards+. You can even download premade flashcards that have been made on the app by other students. Revision made easy!

5. SimpleMind

Need to make a mind map but didn’t remember your felt tip pens? Need to organise your thoughts and a word document isn’t cutting it? SimpleMind will sort you out. Simple (as the name suggests), but incredibly effective.

There you go, now there’s no way you can fail. Go forth and find academic success!