When worlds collide: 5 things you could do when your friends from home come to visit

Picture this: You’ve been in Edinburgh for a couple of weeks now, and suddenly one of your old friends from not-Uni decides to brave the journey up north and comes to visit. If you are anything like me and rarely leave the house as is, you may worry about what to do together. So here are 5 ideas to get you planning.
Spoiler alert: my friend and I had a great time.

  1. Show them Central Campus

This is a no-brainer… so much so that I considered not even putting it on this list. But why not? The university has such a beautiful campus, you might as well show it off. In the words of my friend:
“It’s so pretty… why is every building a castle??”
It might also be worth checking whether you can bring your friend to lectures with you. That way you’re guaranteed to not fall behind… Which brings me to my next point:

  1. Study Together

Ok, I can totally see why you might not want to this, but hear me out: There is always some form of deadline looming close, and chances are you will have a much better time once you’ve gotten some productive hours in.  So why not go to your favourite coffee shop to do a little work?
When my friend came up from London for a weekend, we started out every day doing some studying at Brew Lab and Teviot. Afterwards we could enjoy our time without feeling guilty about procrastinating or falling behind on work.

  1. Have. All. The. Food.

I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you this, so I’ll just go ahead and list some of my favourite places:

ConsiderIt: This is an all vegan doughnut and chocolate place, but it caters to everyone’s sweet tooth. Their cinnamon rolls are to die for!

Café Andamiro: Serves Japanese and Korean food. Their spicy Tteokbokki and various Ramen dishes are going to keep you nice and warm when exploring the city.

Tebi Island: Bubble tea might just be the best beverage out there. So if you get the chance to check out their traditional Taiwanese teas, I highly recommend it.

  1. Visit touristy places

I can’t personally vouch for actually visiting Edinburgh Castle, because neither of us felt like splurging on the entrance fee. But my friend insisted on seeing the castle, so we went… at night.

Edinburgh Castle at night

Pros: you won’t be tempted to buy all the cashmere scarves advertised on the Royal Mile on your way back because the shops are closed.

Cons: unless you want to look like a ghost in any pictures you take, maybe go during the day.

What I can recommend is going up Calton Hill. It’s not too bad of a walk and you’ll be rewarded with a lovely view of Edinburgh!

  1. Create something to commemorate your time together

Fun fact: I wrote most of this blog post sitting in a coffee shop with my friend (which might partly be the reason why this blog post went from “an unhelpful guide to Edinburgh” to a diary-like recounting of what we’ve been up to the past two days). While I was writing and looking for pictures to accompany this post, it occurred to me that we’ve barely done anything to commemorate her trip here. Obviously I’m not saying this is a must – it’s great to just live in the moment! But if you want to have some physical memories, consider this your official reminder to not forget to make some! … take lots of photos, keep a diary, maybe even vlog?

I’ll leave you on that note, as my friend and I are about to go explore Edinburgh some more.
Until next time,

Anna Lisa