Quick Recipes (Don’t Starve!)

Cooking for one person? It’s stupidly hard. Cooking for two is only slightly better, but the bulk buying every supermarket encourages (and, to some extent, forces) leads to a lot of waste. I’m trying to get better.

I thought I would make this post for someone with an equally bad taste palette and perhaps to throw some inspiration your way.


My go-to meals.

Quorn Wraps (approx. 25 mins to make from scratch) – Vegetarian 

1. Pack of Quorn bites (or chicken if not vegetarian)
2. 1 pepper
3. 2 tomatoes
4. A few sticks of asparagus
6. Sweet chilli sauce + other flavourings (particularly paprika)
7. Wraps
Cooking Steps
Step 1: Throw those Quorn bites onto a preheated pan with a bit of olive oil if you feel fancy
Step 2: Chop up your veggies to a good, wrap size & try make them equal
Step 3: Add the asparagus first
Step 4: Pour a good amount of sweet chilli sauce and your other herbs onto the bites
Step 5: Add the rest of the veggies and shake it all up
Step 6: The bites should’ve cooked for at least 12 mins

You can add some rice/microwavable rice to make this super filling. Wrap it all up & enjoy.



Chorizo Pasta (approx. 20 mins to make from scratch)


1. Chorizo sausage
2. Single cream
3. Cherry tomatoes (or cut normal tomatoes to a smaller size)
4. Basil and other spices
5. Pasta (of your choice, I recommend penne)
6. Cheese to grate on top

Cooking steps

Step 1: Cook the pasta according to package
Step 2: Slice the chorizo (about 100g) and cut the tomatoes in half
Step 3: Fry the chorizo on a medium heat – don’t worry about any oils, it doesn’t need any
Step 4: After a few minutes, add the cream and tomatoes
Step 5: Let this reduce a little (maybe 5mins)
Step 6: Put the pasta on the plate, this delicious sauce on top & sprinkle with cheese. Enjoy!



Veggie Eggs with Flat Bread (15mins) Vegetarian

This recipe is easy and really obvious, but people forget how versatile eggs are.


1. 3 Eggs
2. Peppers
3. Chives, parsley or another tasty herb
4. Small slices of cheese (or even add some pepperoni if you’re not veggie)
5. Flat breads
6. Olive Oil
7. Salt, pepper and basil

Cooking steps

Step 1: Heat the pan with a very thin layer of olive oil covering it
Step 2: Chop your peppers, chives, cheese and any other veggies you want to throw in into small pieces.
Step 3: Crack your eggs onto the pan so they cover the pan. Try to cook them on a lower heat so the bottom doesn’t burn but so they’ll have more time to cook on top.
Step 4: Throw your flat breads in the oven for 5 minutes.
Step 5: Add your seasoning to the eggs
Step 6: Throw your veggies et al. onto the pan, trying to distribute evenly
Step 7: Wait until the eggs have hardened a little and the yolk is how you like it.
Step 8: Put your flat breads onto a plate and scoop your egg-pizza onto them. Enjoy.


(The first recipes is a life saver at night!)