Reviews of 3 popular classes at the Pleasance Gym

As a mostly non-sporty person basically my whole life, I found the classes at the Pleasance Sport centre – and the gym as a whole – slightly daunting.

Everyone seemed to know what they were doing, and I very much didn’t. In my third year, I have spent a lot of time at the gym over the past two or so years and one of my favourite things to do is attend a class! They are fun, encouraging and also a solid workout! These are reviews for my top three gym classes, hopefully they encourage you to try some out!



Difficulty: (As a non-sporty person): 7/10 – Good workout, very easy to accommodate to different levels.

Duration:  30 – 45 mins

Class type: Cycle Class

What is so different about this class is that it is a virtual class. This means that you are not actually taught by any of the pleasance gym staff, you are instructed through a big projected video. This means that your instructors are some of the best there are in the world! It is jam packed with fun music to keep you motivated, as well as being divided into different sections as the class goes on, to prevent losing any motivation. It is a fun and quick way to get some cardio into a student’s busy lifestyle.



Difficulty: (As a non-sporty person): 9/10 – Incredible full body work out, hard work but very good payoff!

Duration: 45 mins

Class type: Strength, Legs, Abs, Arms

This class is by far the one I feel like I push myself the most in. It consists of different exercise reps to the beat of very catchy songs. Although it is intense, you can alter the difficulty by changing the weights you use, so I never felt like the class was too hard for me. It is great for building muscle, and the workouts can easily be done on your own after a few classes if you can’t make the times.



Difficulty: (for a non-sporty person): 6/10

Duration: 30 mins

Class type: Abs/Core workout

This class is a great way to focus on your core muscles, there are a few ab classes at the pleasance, but this one gives u the most short-but-sweet experience, if that what you like in a workout! The instructors are very encouraging and change the different exercises quite a lot, meaning you’ll never get bored. I particularly enjoy this one when I just want that extra work on my abs, as it is 100% focused on the core – as it’s name suggests!