A few study places when the library is just too full

Retrieved from: https://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/about/organisation/library-and-collections
  • Kings Buildings
    There is plenty of study space as, without classes to go to, people don’t tend to make the journey!  It is full of study rooms across the campus, as well as cafes and a library. Although it is further from campus, it is a lovely change of scenery from George square. Free shuttle buses come every 20 minutes, making that trip all the more pleasant!
    Who its perfect for: people who enjoy a walk, as it is not as close as the main library. Also, KB closes in the early evening, perfect for early risers who like having evenings off!
  • Psychology Library
    Located in 7 George Square, it is located in the central area, just as nearby as the library. It is a small quiet room, a great spot for silent study as well as being close to the library, were you to need additional resources.
    Who its perfect for: those who enjoy a traditional library environment; silent and focused. Especially good for psychology students, as it has a wide range of psychology books (even textbooks) which could help with exams.
  • David Hume Tower study rooms
    On the 11th floor of DHT, it is the study spot with the best view. It is good for quiet, but not silent, study. It has a few tables meaning it fits quite a few people in. It is particularly good as it is connected to the DHT café, which, similar to the library, is incredibly good for a quick break.
    Who it’s good for: Those who like a good view while revising, or those who like working while chatting to friends quietly.