The best vegan food at uni

In the spirit of Veganuary, I figured I could spend one blogpost gushing about what I think is the best vegan food at uni – or at least nearby it. I highly recommend these, whether you’re vegan or not: The food is delicious and within easy walking distance of George Square. What’s not to love about that?

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable lunch, check out the Eusa shops at Potterrow or David Hume Tower. They have a bunch of Jordan Valley pasties and rolls – with different fillings like lentil, spinach, sun-dried tomato, etc. – most of which are vegan-friendly. I believe they’re around 1.35£ (but don’t quote me on that!) and they are really filling, so they’re a great go-to lunch option.

Other than that, here goes:

Humpit Hummus

Chances are you’ve probably heard of this one. It’s right at Potterrow, and they offer pitas filled with great falafel, hummus and veggies, as well as hummus and salad bowls.
10/10 points for convenient location, and I think as far as healthy options go Humpit is a great choice too.

Paradise Palms

If you are ever in the mood for fast food, hit up Paradise Palms. They’re 100% vegetarian and offer a vegan option of most of their dishes – and their fries are to die for.
Really. Best fries I’ve ever had.

I found it can be a bit tricky to find good vegan “fast food”, especially if you’re new to vegan substitutes. Somehow, Paradise Palms makes vegan cheese not taste funky – so I’d definitely recommend them.
Plus, they do a student deal: 5£ burgers before 5pm.

Again, very conveniently located – right across the street from Potterrow – and the restaurant has a very cozy, relaxed atmosphere with great decoration!

Café Andamrio

nothing better than a good bowl of Ramen

Aaah I just love Café Andamiro. They do Korean and Japanese food and offer lots of vegan options. My absolute favourite is their Kimchi Ramen – who doesn’t love a good bowl of ramen? (Instant ramen really can’t compare!) They also have amazing starters. If you don’t mind a bit of spice, try out their Tteokbokki: chewy rice-cakes in a delicious chili sauce.

Café Andamiro is located on Buccleuch Street and it actually has two restaurants in completely different styles right next to each other, but they serve the same food.

Te-bi Island

Te-bi Island might have the best bubble tea in Edinburgh. Amazingly, they use actual tea to make their drinks – not syrups and fake flavours – so you know they’re the real deal. If you go, I highly recommend their green tea latte.
They also make a great vegan rice wrap – filled with soy-bean floss and sweet corn, which you can add additional toppings to.
Plus, their shop is great to study in when it’s not too busy!

Consider It

all vegan doughtnuts!

Last but not least, something sweet. Consider It makes artisan vegan chocolate, but are probably best known for their amazing doughnuts. All vegan! And you really cannot tell or taste a difference.

I hope there’s something on here that you’ll enjoy!