How do my classmates and I stay connected online right now? 3 words: Weekly Pub Quizzes ;)

wooden scrabble pieces spelling out pub quiz

It all started just as a one-off. One of my classmates suggested that she would enjoy hosting a pub quiz if we were up for it, and of course the answer was yes! We all agreed on a date and time, then registered on Zoom and Boom!… about 15 of us was chatting and setting up for the quiz to start. We had a lot of fun, especially us non-native speakers who only have a vague idea about really British things like Coronation Street 😉

After the end of this exciting and fun 2 hours, we agreed that we will try to do this every week, always with someone else hosting.

We did make up some basics to make it easier:

  • Everyone will have to come up with 3 questions and send it to the host
  • There will always be a special theme at the end (e.g. baby pictures or an unknown fact about yourself)
  • Obviously no cheating 😛
  • There are no prizes…. or wait… actually the FUN we are having is the prize 😉

What will You need to arrange a pub quiz with your classmates?

  • A good online platform (would recommend Zoom)
  • Date and time that is suitable for everyone (can be tricky with mates who are in different time zones but not impossible 😉 )
  • Some basic rules/ideas to make it easier for the host and yourselves
  • Pen and paper
  • Some healthy competitiveness 😀
  • To be prepared for all the weird questions your mates might come up with 😀
  • And of course, be prepared to have loads of Fun!!! 🙂

This is just one of many things you can do to keep up with your classmates online. What are some of your ways to connect online (be it games or just chatting)?

Would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments, don’t be shy!