Strikes. Why and When?

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A breakdown in talks between the University College Union (UCU) and Universities UK (UUK) has resulted in confirmed strikes over the next few weeks.

This can be a confusing time for many students left wondering what impact the strikes will have on them directly. Before casting evil glances towards our lecturers as we exit class let’s give a little thought to why the strikes are necessary.

First of all, teachers and tutors do actually want to teach their students. Contrary to what you might be thinking, strikes can be just as disruptive to staff as they are to students. A series of government retrenchments are eroding the appeal of an academic career, as new staff could see a 40% cut to their pension. Faced with this uncertainty surrounding their future beyond retirement, it is understandable why UK Universities are taking action of this scale. We all appreciate some reward for the hard work we put in to our degrees – university staff deserve the same.

We students can help by supporting our teachers in their protest by showing a united front against poor investment in higher education.

When are strikes happening at the University of Edinburgh?

  • Week 1: February 26th, 27th 28th
  • Week 2: March 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
  • Week 3: March 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th
  • Week 4: March 19th, 20th

Further information on the strikes can be found on this FAQ page set up by the University. The UCU also provide further information on their webpage which is summarised in this video below.

The UCU on why we strike