Top 10 tips to study online in quarantine

  1. Set a timetable with deadlines – Open up your calendar and write down every deadline and class you have. This will help with your structure and making sure you are aware of how far you are from your next assignment.
  2. Update to-do lists every morning. Look at your timetable and plan around it. Make a rough to do list for the week and then every morning revise and plan your day out with a to-do list.
  3. Stick to a healthy sleep routine. Studying online may seem like the perfect excuse to stay in bed until late, but trust me – don’t! Having a healthy night routine will help your mental health and productivity.
  4. Include other interests. Have you ever had a skill you want to develop but never had the time? Do it now! Including many new activities in your day will help avoid your work time taking over your day and make it more manageable.
  5. Incorporate sport. Exercise is super important when stuck at home. If you don’t make the effort to move, you literally won’t. Research a few home work-outs and put in the work. I use Verywellfit’s Workouts at Home to Tighten and Tone. It’ll get your mind off of studying and being stuck at home and will release very much needed endorphins!
  6. Short term goals. Take your work a little at a time, set yourself short term goals that you can keep. From finishing a reading before lunch to rewarding yourself with a snack after a lecture.
  7. Change your location around the house. Being in one room may bore you, change it up to make your day to day less the same.
  8. Video chat with your course mates . Try and keep up with what your course mates and finding the course, you are all in this together!
  9. Eat and make plenty of snacks. Food is a great reward! It’ll keep you motivated, and if you like to cook, serve as a great break from your work.
  10. Keep a positive mind-set. Just remember that all this will pass and that you are doing great even if it’s just by trying. It is normal if you find it hard at first but being kind to yourself helps tremendously.