A few ways to kick start a more active semester

University is a time to stay active, try new things and be productive! Here are a few things to help maintain a great level of activity this semester…

Image all rights reserved University of Edinburgh

1. Start the year with more exercise

Exercise is the perfect way to feel more accomplished: it will increase your endorphins making you happier as well as physically healthier! 

If there is any sport you think you want to try, there is no better time to do so than at the start of the semester!

If you go on the EUSA website you’ll see there is no shortage of sports to try! Just don’t be shy and go for it 🙂

Another way to incorporate sport into your routine is by joining the university gym. I know it can be scary but if you’re unsure of how to start maybe check out the classes, they’re very good workouts and included in your membership. If you don’t have a membership, they have one-semester ones at a very cheap price!

If you are unsure of what classes to start off with, visit this blog post which reviews 3 popular classes:

Reviews of 3 popular classes at the Pleasance Gym

2. Join a new society

There are hundreds of societies to join and try out. So no matter what your interests are there is something you’ll love!

It is a great way of feeling accomplished while making more friends and doing more of what you love in the process. Personally, I have joined the TEDxUoE society this semester, which I highly recommend!!

3. Start planning your meals

Mealtimes can get stressful as the semester goes on. One way of avoiding (eating unhealthily and) spending too much money on meal deals and takeout is through meal prepping. It is a great way of increasing your productivity too – you will feel great knowing you have healthy ‘ready meals’ in the fridge made by you!